Thursday, 26 June 2014

♡ Ready for a Japanese Adventure? ♡

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I went shopping yesterday! I enjoyed it much and I bought many nice and mainly really practical things. Only one month and a few days and I'm flying to Japan because of an exchange program. So, I had to buy some stuff which are necessary for my surviving. 
Everything is closer and closer and I start to be more and more nervous and worried. Until yesterday I didn't even know my Japanese host family. I guess, you can imagine how I fell relieved when I received an email which contained informations about my new family. I jumped of joy and maybe cried a little. *shame* They live in Tokyo. I always wanted to live in Tokyo, so my dream came true. I know the first months in that new country with absolutely different culture, language etc. will be pretty difficult. I believe I can manage it and get used to everything. *Go, go Rina chan!*                 \(^▽^)/

 Back to my haul!

Fluffy plush dogs for my three Japanese host younger sisters. I hope they will like it!

Two cute and soft pyjamas for hot summer nights in Japan and some pairs of socks and tights

One selfie from a fitting room and another one from a vehicle ^^

And a new Apple iPad for easy communication.
I really like Apple products because their design is very lovely (you can buy almost everything in pink color) and they are very high quality (it's the most important I guess).  (*´▽`*)

My cover for the new iPad. It is pink!
Selfies ❤

 My small Apple family ❤

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Saturday, 21 June 2014

♡ Anjolee - The Story Continues ♡ [SPONSORED]

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How are you? Do you enjoy your weekend?
I'm back with a new post which is sponsored by Anjolee! This store is full of gorgerous sparkling and glittering jewelry! You can also design them on your own. It sounds great, doesn't it? Do you want to know more about this company. Check out my old post.

There are some news from Anjolee!

✿ New Jewelry Designs: I believe you will love their new jewelry designs, all customizable by metal type, carat size, diamond quality and length. They've added many beautiful new designs to their collection of bangle bracelet!

 ✿ Anjolee Blog: Such a new beautiful fresh design. It also contains posts on a variety of interesting jewelry related topics.

✿ YouTube: Anjolle changed the look! Their YT account offers many high quality videos with 360 views of their jewelry!

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Do you know that I can draw? I returned to this hobby after such a long time. I want to share with you my newest pictures on the occassion of that sponsored article. I hope you will like them. And I'm going to draw more! ^__^

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Sunday, 15 June 2014

♡ G&G Diamond Brown Cirle Lenses REVIEW [SPONSORED] ♡

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Today I would like to tell you something about my new sponsorship with Love Shoppingholics. I appreciate it beacause their store is full of very cute goods and I really love it! Check it out!

☆*:.。.Love Shoppingholics.。.:*☆

I got a pair of circle lenses from Love Shoppingholics a few days ago. Unfortunetaly, I couldn't publish my review earlier because I was so busy (and still I am) because of my school. ( ´△`) I have to manage one more week full of tests. Then I will start to enjoy summer! I'm also going to publish more and more posts! Please, be patient just one week and stay my readers!

☆*:.。. .。.:*☆

I received my package with new lenses in such a great condition! They were wrapped in a bubble foil. I also got very cute lens boxes! They are pink~ I love pink color so much! ♡

Origin: Korea
Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.8mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

 I got so cute letter! I was very pleased.

I could choose a pair of lens whatever I wanted! So, I chose G&G Diamond Brown. I like brown lenses. They look very lovely and dolly.


I'm satisfied! These lenses are comfortable and they don't cut at all. It's my first experience with G&G/Dueba. G&G/Dueba is a Korean brand which sell many designs of circle lenses.

I think these lenses look great in the photos and even in the life! They make my eyes really huge with so deep and mysterious look. I will wear them very often, I guess. Maybe, they could look a bit unnatural for somebody. However, I don't mind. ♡



Do you like this pair? Do you prefer natural lens colors or unnatural ones, for example pink or violet?

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